Devexpress 14.2 PictureEdit 不支持 .emf 格式

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I  have a serious problem after migrating from version 12.1 to 14.2.3
I use XtraGrid which is bounded to some table with binary data with emf files.
我使用了XtraGrid 控件,控件绑定的表包含emf文件的二进制数据。
In XtraGrid I set for the image column a RepositoryItemPictureEdit and set .SizeMode = PictureSizeMode.Zoom.
在XtraGrid 中,我为Image列设置了RepositoryItemPictureEdit,并设置 .SizeMode = PictureSizeMode.Zoom.
All works fine in v. 12.1 -> pictures are scaled.
在12.1版本中 图片显示正常比例
Unfortunately after migrating to v. 14.2.3 images are showing streched.
For testing I made some simple project with pictureEdit control placed onto main form
In load event put this code:
为了测试,我用pictureEdit 创建了一个简单的项目,并在main窗体的load事件中写了如下代码:pictureEdit1.Properties.SizeMode = PictureSizeMode.Zoom;

pictureEdit1.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(100, 100);
pictureEdit1.Image = Image.FromFile(“c://pic.emf”);

Now in v . 12.1 emf is visible but in v. 14.2.3 is not visible.
Can you tell me why?

  • Olejka (DevExpress Support)2 weeks ago
    Hello,I’ve successfully reproduced this issue and passed this ticket to our developers. We’ll notify you as soon as we make any progress.

    Please stay tuned.

  • squash1 week ago

    I have another two questions regarding this problem.

    1. Can you estimate when the Hotfix will be available? It’s a matter of few days, weeks or months?
    My team migrated to v. 14.2.3 and now we are not able to release new version of our system to our clients.

    2. Which of the latest versions of the components is free of this problem?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Olejka (DevExpress Support)1 week ago


    This issue is fixed. You can request a hotfix using the “Request hotfix” button which is located to the right of text.
    The next version where this issue is solved is 14.2.4. It’s planned to be released in January. We’ll notify all our customers of a new version release by email.

    If you have any further questions, let me know.

  • squash7 days ago


    now it’s better because emf file is fully visible but  SizeMode property is still not working…
    It seems that whatever value of PictureSizeMode I set to PicutreEdit shows emf file in PictureSizeMode.Streched mode.

  • Olejka (DevExpress Support)7 days ago

    Since this question relates to another property, I’ve created a new ticket on your behalf – PictureEdit – The SizeMode property always has Stretch value when using .emf files. Please follow it to continue our discussion.

  • squash2 hours ago

    Unfortunately in my opinion this is the same bug.
    Please take a look on my first text. I indicated that images are showing stretched despite I used PictureSizeMode.Zoom :)


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